Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Hunts Family Restoration offer?
Hunts Family Restoration provides a wide range of services, including home remodeling, restoration, carpentry, flooring installation, plumbing fixtures, interior painting, and exterior painting.

How can I benefit from home restoration services?
Home restoration services offered by Hunts Family Restoration can transform your property, increasing its value, improving functionality, and enhancing its overall appearance.

Why should I hire a professional carpenter for my project?
Hiring a professional carpenter from Hunts Family Restoration ensures precision, expertise, and quality craftsmanship for your carpentry needs, delivering exceptional results and lasting durability.

Do you provide flooring contractor services?
Yes, Hunts Family Restoration offers flooring contractor services. Our experienced team can install a wide range of flooring options, providing you with beautiful and durable floors tailored to your preferences.

Can you handle interior painting projects?
Absolutely! Hunts Family Restoration specializes in interior painting services, utilizing high-quality materials and techniques to bring vibrant and refreshing transformations to your living spaces.

Do you offer exterior painting services?
Yes, Hunts Family Restoration provides exterior painting services to revitalize the appearance of your property. Our skilled painters use premium products to ensure long-lasting and visually appealing results.

How does home restoration differ from home remodeling?
While home remodeling involves altering or modifying specific areas or structures, home restoration focuses on preserving and bringing back the original charm and character of a property while addressing any damages or deterioration.

Can you assist with tub plumbing installations?
Hunts Family Restoration offers tub plumbing installation services. Our experienced plumbers can ensure proper connections, efficient functionality, and a seamless integration of plumbing fixtures.

What should I expect from your flooring services?
With Hunts Family Restoration’s flooring services, you can expect meticulous installation, attention to detail, and a wide selection of high-quality materials. We strive to deliver flooring solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

What does finish carpentry entail?
Finish carpentry by Hunts Family Restoration involves the installation of final touches, such as trim, molding, and decorative elements. Our skilled carpenters pay close attention to detail to add elegance and refinement to your space.

How can I optimize my home remodeling project?
To optimize your home remodeling project, collaborate closely with the team at Hunts Family Restoration. Communicate your vision, establish a clear budget, and rely on our expertise to achieve a successful outcome that matches your goals.

How long does a typical home restoration project take?
The duration of a home restoration project depends on various factors, including the size of the property and the scope of the restoration needed. Hunts Family Restoration provides an estimated timeline during the consultation phase.

Do you offer free consultations?
Yes, Hunts Family Restoration offers free consultations to discuss your project requirements, assess your needs, and provide you with personalized recommendations and an accurate cost estimate.

What is the purpose of the gallery page?
The gallery page showcases a collection of our work, allowing you to explore our portfolio

How can I contact Hunts Family Restoration for my project?
To get in touch with Hunts Family Restoration, please call us at (615) 856-8898. Our friendly team will be happy to assist you and answer any additional questions you may have.